Commercial properties are typically the most expensive asset that a business will obtain while trading, so it’s essential to keep the property well maintained and repair any issues that may occur. To counteract potential roofing issues, a roof inspection report is conducted by a specialised roofing surveyor to detect any problems that may currently be happening or can develop in the future.

Within the industry, you’ll commonly see roofing contractors offering “Free” surveys. Although this can seem like a pleasant gesture, it can sometimes be biased. By providing this “Free” service, they can suggest roofing issues that may not be problematic. Although this is only a small minority of individuals, we thought it would be best to express the matter to our viewers.

If you want a roof survey performed on your property, we recommend you opt-in for an independent roofing surveyor. They’ll be able to provide you with an unbiased opinion which may result in you not having to get any work done to your roof. Whereas with a “Free” survey, there’s always the chance that the inspector may suggest problems on your roof that generally aren’t there.
In this article, we go into greater detail on why you should invest in an independent roof surveyor rather than selecting a free survey that a roofing contractor conducts.

Free Roofing Contractor Surveys VS Independent Surveys

Choosing between the two can be difficult if you’re set for cash, but we encourage you to select an independent surveyor. For the highest quality of roofing surveys, you should pick a qualified surveyor through the Institute of Roofing (IOR). The IOR are currently the United Kingdoms leading professional body for the conditions and standards in all elements of roofing. Any surveyor with this type of qualification will ensure you get an utterly non-bias report.

An IOR certified surveyor will give you a valid opinion within its roofing inspection and create a trustworthy report against it. From this report, you’ll be able to find out if any problematic issues are occurring on your roof. This could save you thousands of pounds in repair bills from faults you may be unaware of.

When choosing a surveyor, something else you should be conscious of is that if they’re a part of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC). The NFRC are the biggest and most prominent roofing trade association in the UK. To be a part of this association, all members must perform to the highest level of standards and follow a strict code of practice.

Looking for a surveyor? Here at HySurv, all our surveyors come equipped with NFRC and IOR certificates to ensure you receive the maximum standard of workmanship and an unforgettable customer experience. Still not sure on the idea? Read below to find out more on why you should invest in an independent surveyor.

1. Free Is More Expensive…

Although it sounds questionable that a free survey can cost more than getting an Independent roofing surveyor to review your property, in some cases, it’s true. Most but not all of the time, free surveys can develop into maintenance that may not need to be carried out. This is because roofers work from profitability. While they’re performing a free survey, they’re not getting paid. To neutralise the loss of income, they may result in finding issues that may not need fixing. But if you were to invest your money into an independent roof surveyor, they’ll give you an unbiased report as they’re already being paid.

2. You’ll Get A Professional Opinion

Although most well-established roofers are professional, some may lack surveying capabilities. In comparison, an IOR independent roof surveyor is specially trained in creating accurate inspection reports. Think of it like this, if you were to eat at a fast-food restaurant, do you expect the same quality of food that can be found in a Michelin Star restaurant? Probably not, and this is the same concept with either going with a “free” inspection over a paid one.

3. It’ll Narrow Out the Scammers

Scammers, cowboys, whatever you want to call them, they exist in the real world, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Although the numbers are small, and there are some top-class roofers in the trade, you get a few tradesmen that ruin the industry for others.
From deciding to hire an independent roof surveyor, you’ll skip this nonsense of maybe getting a roofer that isn’t certified for the job or is just trying to make some money off you. However, take this with a pinch of salt, as some established roofers will generally give you an accurate and well-rounded survey for free.

4. More Accurate and Detailed Reports

By investing in an independent roof surveyor, you’ll get a much more detailed report that can save you a ton of money in the near future. Most surveyors that are IOR approved will be able to provide you with the following information about your roof:

    • A detailed estimate of the life expectancy of your roof including the guttering, chimneys and other roof components.
    • If your roof needs replacing or repairing, they’ll be able to provide you with an approximate cost for materials and labour, etc.
    • They’ll also give you a condition report that will basically state what the overall health is on your roof within various components.
5. Exterior and Interior Inspections

By hiring an independent roof surveyor, you’re also promised that all aspects of your roof will be looked at. Whether this is exterior or interior, both need to have a survey completed on them. To the untrained eye, the problems that can occur in either of these environments can be hard to identify. However, by selecting a professional to do the job, you can be ensured that it’ll be done with experience.
Without listing all of the benefits that you can acquire from hiring a professional-rated surveyor to carry out the job, these five reasons should be enough for you to be able to grasp the general idea behind it.


As you’re able to see from the above, it’s clear that even though an independent roof surveyor will cost you money. In some cases, it’ll be cheaper than the “Free” survey that some roof contractors offer.
We wrote this post to make our viewers aware of the possibilities that can occur from this free deal. Don’t get us wrong. They’re some outstanding roofing contractors that are able to provide this service at an exceptional standard, and It’s just a small minority of individuals that ruin it for them.