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Insurer, mortgage lender or home buyer report asking for a roof condtion survey? Our surveys cover any situation.

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With over 40 years of experience, our surveyors produce technical condition reports and base their findings by severity so you can prioritise actions and repairs. We also create tailored specifications based on your budget and programme requirements. The specification will ensure that the design criteria, product selection and installation of a roof system combine the highest performance with the best value.

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Every survey is tailored to your situation, no safe access to the building? Not a problem we will carry out a roof drone survey, got a historic leak that no one can find? Well, we will carry out our leak investigation service. Speak to an expert now to find out what survey you need 020 3006 5652.

All surveys can be carried out while the building is still fully operational, allowing your business or clients to carry on working with no disruption.

Our surveyors will inspect every element of the roof structure including the parapet wall, lead work, chimney stacks, plant rooms and drainage. This ensures you will get a detailed report that will state the overall condition, list any defects found with their location and will give you a full recommendation schedule

Full Access to HySurv Inspection Platform

As part of all surveys, we provide you full access to our inspection platform. You will still receive a traditional report, however, you will also have an interactive report where you can view the locations of each defect, comment on the annotations and generate your own reports.

You can also create sharable links that you can forward to your client.

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