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Do you need to know the condition of your roof, or looking to purchase a property which has not had a roof inspection report yet? It will financially benefit building owners to have an expert carry out roof survey to produce a detail roof condition report, as 40% of all building related problems are due to water ingress.

HySurv’s Roof Experts are qualified to carry out insurance approved surveys to all types of roofs. and operate in all sectors: Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

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Im purchasing/leasing a property should i get the roof surveyed?

YES, WE CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH!. Did you know Roofs, on average, last only about half of their expected designed lifespan, why you ask? well, this is due to either the poor quality of installation or the lack of maintenance the previous property owner provided. 

This is why it’s so important to instruct a roof surveyor to carry out a roof inspection survey, as they will identify the condition of the roof from a non-biased point of view.

If the report comes back and the roof is good, you will have peace of mind that you are purchasing/leasing a watertight building.

If the report comes back and the roof is bad, then you can either negotiate rates knowing the risk or avoid the property entirely. Roofing Statistics Source

What you should expect from a roof inspection survey

In the surveying industry “Roof Survey” is a very broad term, there are many different methods that can be carried out during a roof inspection survey, the most common method is a Visual Inspection via physical access or use of drone. Speak to an expert now to find out what survey you need 020 3318 7402.

During a visual inspection the surveyors will assess all elements of the roof system and will provide detailed information and non-biased comments on each element. Here is a list of elements that surveyors inspect:

  • Roof Coverings
  • Fixings/Fasnters
  • Penertrations
  • Guttering & Drainage
  • Parapet & Abutment Walls
  • Flashings
  • Chimney Stacks
  • Rooflights/Skylights
  • Fascias, Soffits and barge boards
The roof surveyor will identify the type, condition and defects of each element and create a detail roof condition report with photos to support comments. And provide recommendation on how to remedy any defects highlighted.

How much does a roof survey cost?

Can you really put a price on what essentially will save you money on roofing works and water damage in the future? Yes….

The saying “You get what you pay for” certainly applies to roof surveys.

Roofers will 9/10 will offer a “FREE” roof survey, what is in it for them? of course the roof works and most of the time they will suggest works that are not needed and this where they make money! (read more)

It’s important you use an independent roof surveyor that will produce a non-biased report.

You can find out costs using the hand online calculator we made.

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Why have a roof survey carried out by HySurv

Every survey is tailored to your situation, no safe access to the building? Not a problem we will carry out a roof drone survey, got a historic leak that no one can find? Well, we will carry out our leak investigation service.

All surveys can be carried out while the building is still fully operational, allowing your business or clients to carry on working with no disruption.

Our surveyors will inspect every element of the roof structure including the parapet wall, lead work, chimney stacks, plant rooms and drainage. This ensures you will get a detailed report that will state the overall condition, list any defects found with their location and will give you a full recommendation schedule.

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